World's First Smart Sustainable Sports Bra:
This bra is probably the world's first breathable, sustainable, and recyclable Raceback Sports bra ever made with underbust support.

Designed for everyday use:
Ideal for everyday workouts and jogging routines, this breathable bra brings both tech, eco and skin friendly materials to athletes and sport enthusiasts.

Eco & Skin friendly materials:
It is primarily made from 85% recycled Polyester and 15% elastane which makes it soft and breathable for intense or ordinary workout routines.

Compatible with Popular Android & iOS APPS
Strava, Wahoo Fitness Utility, Runtastic, Endomondo, MapMyRun among others. Also Ant+ Compatible so you can easily connect it to any Ant+/BLE capable sports gear

Ultimate Design:
It was designed with Fixed shoulder for best fit as well as ultra light & skin friendly materials for and quick dry. It has a medium bowl and side buckle closure with a machine washable printed pattern.

Bluetooth Inside :
It comes with a single control unit that can be attached and detached as needed. It connects to your phone via bluetooth (5.0) in 100 yards/meter range.

Super Accurate HR (V) monitor:
Super accurate heart rate monitor with a tiny margin of inaccuracy (+/- 1 bpm), makes this even much more accurate than the other heart rate monitors on the market.

Mystery Box Included:
All preorders of this product come with a mystery box that contains other sports related smart wearables such as smart glasses/ smart headsets or smart watches. 

The smart sustainable bra is the first of its kind, it is a highly accurate (+/- 1 bpm),  Gen II heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) monitor that is aimed to give you the tools to understand your workout routine, keep tabs on your performance as well as health. 

Gift box contains:

  •     1  x sustainable bra,

  •     1  x control unit

  •     2 x CR2032 extra batteries

  •     1  x chest strap and

  •     1  x mystery box 

Control Unit Details 

The control unit uses bluetooth technology to connect to your phone and is compatible with almost all popular sports apps. Although its primary function is heart rate/heart rate variability monitoring, it can also be used in tandem with your cellphone to calculate your rate of calorie burns, GPS location and workout route, running speed, and distance covered using your phone's in built sensors. 

Other features include:

  •     Real time heart rate monitoring  - multiple takes per second

  •     IP67 sweat and rain water proof

  •     Bluetooth (5.0) and ANT+ compatible - you can tether it with any ANT+ capable sports gear/gadget

  •     Long battery life  ~ 1 year on 1 hour/day use

  •     Compatible with most popular APPS  - Polar Beat, Strava, etc.

  •     Comes also with an anti wrinkle, highly elastic and skin friendly strap (65-95 cm) 

Tech Specification
  •     Core Function: Heart rate monitor 

  •     Control Unit Size: L46.5xW29xH11.5 mm

  •     Heart rate range ( 30 ~ 240bpm) 

  •     HR Accuracy (+/- 1 bpm)

  •     Operates in (10° - 50° C)  

  •     Battery Type : CR2032

  •     Battery life: 12 months (1 hr. use /day) 

  •     Distance: 100 M

Mystery Box Details

Each pre-order comes a mystery box as a token of appreciation, it would contain one extra smart wearable item from our collection of smart watches, smart glasses or smart headsets that compliments the bra.  

Sustainability + Tech Combined 

We can have our cake and eat it too, the future should be where tech is sustainable with out sacrificing one for the other


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