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Smart Sustainable Sports Bra (Starters)
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How do you choose the best  

smart bra package

We have something for everyone here, wether you are a starter, pro or even a gym we have multiple packages that are custom to your needs. 

We strongly recommend the pro package as it would give you ample color & style choices.  

  •  Smart bras + Control Unit
  •  Matching leggings
  •  Come with extra CR0232 battery
  •  Comes with mystery box
  •  Additional chest strap
  •  Sustainable gift box
  •  Returnable after use
  •  No wire design 
starters package 

If you are a novice and just signed up to a gym or want to check them out, this would be your ideal package. 

This is the recommended package, if you work out more than once a week this would be a great package for you. Three color choices, and they come with matching leggings. 

This is for professional athletes that work out everyday, you will have five color choices with matching leggings. Your mystery box contents are also a bit upscale than the starter or pro packages. 

This is for gyms, health and wellness studios. There is also one aggregator (USB stick) that can be used to connect up to 15 smart bras together. Ideal for workout or yoga studios who want to keep track of the class routines and its effect on students.