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Wearables only platform to buy up-and-coming products straight from the developers and suppliers
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We love wearables and we are laser focused on up and coming products

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Own pricing, unlimited access, onsite and offsite promotion by market specialists in US and China
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no limit and no hidden fees, simple pricing and adoption for valid developers/suppliers

featured products, Promotions 

Selected products will be featured on and off site via our social media networks

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Directly engage customers, own branding

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Wearme Platinum


  • Time Duration: 1 - month from the date of purchasing.
  • Product Reachability: Allowed 50 product(s) for uploading.
  • You can upgrade your plan any time.
  • Commission: 15% Commission
  • Proffessional Translation: Limited Marketing Support
  • SEO: Limited Promotion
  • T&C: Product Insurance Required